Friday, November 9, 2018

Paneer Mustard Khas Khas-Unique Way to Satisfy Taste Buds and Get Pool of Health Benefits

Looking for a unique way to have protein-rich paneer, just try out our paneer khas khas gravy. An interesting fact of the dish is that it not only lets you to get plenty of proteins to strengthen your bones and muscles, but also let you to achieve improved cardiac health, along with other benefits. Thanks to the inclusion of khas khas and mustard seeds in powdered forms.

Overview of Paneer Mustard Khas Khas Gravy

Paneer mustard khas khas seeds gravy is a different type of paneer recipe to have at any time of the day. The dish consists of pieces of fried paneer dipped in semi-thick gravy consisting of 1cup of powdered khas khas and a tablespoon of powdered mustard seeds. (Mustard seed in higher amount will make the dish to taste bitter).

Ingredients Needed-
·         1-cup of khas khas seeds
·         1-tablespoon of mustard seeds
·         100 grams paneer (in small pieces)
·         Water to adjust the gravy
·         Salt to taste
·         Finely chopped onions
·         Finely chopped tomatoes (optional)
·         Ginger Garlic Paste
·         Turmeric Powder

Preparation Method
Grind both mustard and khas khas seeds in a mixer grinder and keep it aside
·         Heat the oil in a pan
·         Add finely chopped onions
·         Add ginger garlic paste
·         Add pieces of paneer and fry for a while
·         Add the powdered mixture of khas khas and mustard
·         Add water to adjust the level of gravy
·         Add salt and turmeric powder
·         Depending on whether you have it single, with chapatti, oats or rice (brown rice preferred), you have to adjust the level of the gravy.
·         Take out the cooked recipe in a bowl and serve hot

Health Benefits of Mustard and Khas Khas at a Glance

Khas Khas Health Benefits

·         Improves cardiac functions
·         Heals pain and inflammation in no time
·         Avoids sleeping disorders
·         Avoids respiratory problems
·         Improves digestion and nervous systems
·         Boosts immunity
·         Increases bone density

Mustard Health Benefits

·         Helps you to fight with uterine cancer
·         Improves your cardiovascular health
·         Helps to form red blood cells
·         Boosts your bone strength because of its high amount of selenium
·         Helps in proper sleep during nighttime

Therefore, paneer lovers whenever you have cravings towards paneer dishes, you should definitely try this with your friends and family members. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Paneer Dragon Rolls- Low Carb Starters for Fitness Freaks and Party Lovers

Every one of us likes to have parties and enjoyment to take a break from our busy work life. Parties consisting tasty starters, beverages and dance with music playing in the background not only help in relaxing our mind, but also give us energy and a change.

However, parties consisting of startup items may also force us to intake lots of calories than we intake in any normal day. Especially, starters made with flours served in parties break your health diet plan. Thus, we have come up with our low carbohydrate-based Atta-made Paneer Dragon Rolls to allow our fitness freaks enjoy parties with besties without breaking diet plan.    

About Atta-made Paneer Dragon Rolls

Atta-made paneer dragon rolls are perfect startup replacements of paneer dragon rolls served in any restaurants or during parties. The specialty of these dragon rolls is that instead of using all-purpose flour called Maida, we have used Atta to make the outer coating. Furthermore, we have used protein rich pieces of paneer combined with green veggies in its stuffing with the objective to give you every possible essential nutrient along with ultimate enjoyment in your party.  

Ingredients Required

·         Wheat Flour
·         100grams of paneer in small pieces
·         Water
·         Ajwain
·         Oil
·         Finely chopped veggies
·         Finely chopped onions and tomatoes
·         Salt
·         Cumin seeds
·         Turmeric Powder
·         Chili Powder
·         Coriander Powder
·         Cumin Powder
·         Garam Masala
·         Aamchur Masala
·         Garlic Cloves

Preparation Method

Preparation of Dough

·         Add wheat flours, a pinch of salt and Ajwain, while mix well
·         Add water to maintain the proportion and prepare soft wheat flour dough.

Preparation of Stuffing

·         Heat the oil in a pan
·         Add garlic cloves and cumin seeds
·         Add chopped onions and tomatoes
·         Add all the veggies and paneer pieces
·         Fry for a while
·         Add turmeric and chili powders
·         Add cumin and coriander powders
·         Add garam masala and aamchur masala
·         Stir for a while and set the stuffing aside

Preparation of the Rolls

·         Take a small piece of the dough made with wheat flour and flatten it (similar to making a chapatti). However, you have to make sure flattening it thin as possible.
·         Take small amount of stuffing and place it on the flatten surface.
·         Roll it properly and fold it from both sides.
·         Repeat the same steps for other rolls.
·         Heat the oil in a pan
·         Fry the rolls until they turn golden brown.
·         Serve hot with curd, veggies salad, chili sauce and tomato sauce.

Therefore, whenever you want to enjoy parties with your friends, just try for our low carbohydrate-based Atta made Paneer Dragon Rolls.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Nutrella/Soya Balls without Flour-Protein Rich Tasty Snacks to Enjoy at Teatime

Looking for a protein rich snack to have with your favorite hot tea or coffee, just try out our tasty and Nutrella (soya) balls. Other than providing you with plenty of protein, the snack contains low amount of carbohydrate because of the use of corn flour, gram flour and sorghum flour. Let us check out the recipe and its preparation in detail in our blog post.

Nutrella /Soya Balls Recipe without Flour

With our Nutrella/soya balls recipe, we have attempted to provide you a unique dish to intake protein in huge amounts without making any compromise with your taste buds. To give you additional health benefits, we have included varieties of green veggies and used low carb or less gluten-based bonding substances, like gram flour, corn flour and sorghum flour (Depending on your own choice, you may skip anyone of them).

Ingredients Required

·         Finely chopped capsicum
·         Finely chopped carrots
·         Finely chopped cabbages
·         Finely chopped spring onion
·         Finely chopped beetroot
·         Finely chopped onion
·         Finely chopped tomatoes
·         Green chilies
·         Heated Oil
·         Ginger garlic paste or in clove form
·         Soya Chunks/Nutrella 1 cup
·         Water 3 to 4 cups for boiling soya chunks
·         Turmeric Powder
·         Chili Powder
·         Coriander Powder
·         Cumin Powder
·         Chili Sauce
·         Tomato Sauce
·         Garam Masala/Sabji Masala
·         Salt to Taste

Preparation Method

1.      Preparation of the Stuffing
·         Boil soya chunks for 5 minutes and rinse 2 to 3times in cold water.
·         Once it cools, break the soya chunks into small pieces but do not mash them entirely.
·         Heat the oil in a pan
·         Add chopped onions, green chilies and chopped tomatoes
·         Add ginger garlic paste or cloves and fry until onions get its golden brown color
·         Add all the finely chopped veggies and stir for some time. (Do not sauté them)
·         Add pieces of soya chunks.
·         Now, add turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander and cumin powder and stir again for some time.
·         Add salt to taste and stir for about 1 minute.
·         Remove from the pan and set the stuffing aside to allow it cool.

Preparation of Nutrella Balls

·         Add half cup of sorghum flour and gram flour, along with a few pinches of corn flour.
·         Mix the stuffing well with each of the mentioned flours
·         Add water occasionally to prepare a thick paste.
·         Prepare balls and meanwhile heat the oil in a pan properly
·         Add balls and deep fry to turn them to golden brown color
·         Serve hot with tomato sauce.

People for what else you are waiting until now, just have the protein-rich Nutrella Balls recipe today to make your snack time a fun experience.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Enjoy Chinese Dishes without Maida by Paneer and Veggies

Do you love to have Chinese dishes but bound to restrict your carbohydrate intake (strict prohibition of noodles and other Maida-made dishes)? If yes, you may continue to enjoy Chinese dishes with the combination of paneer and veggie dishes.

Overview of Maida-less Paneer and Veggie Dishes

As the name highlights, we have used a few pieces of paneer with varieties of carrot and green veggies, especially the ones used to make noodles or rice in Chinese style. Even though the procedure involved is same, the dish does not contain any component of carbohydrate.

Ingredients Required

·         One big carrot or two small carrots
·         2 to 3 capsicum
·         1 cabbage
·         Green peas or chickpeas
·         100grams of paneer
·         Cumin seeds
·         1 onion
·         3 to 4 green chili
·         1 Tomato
·         Ginger garlic paste
·         Turmeric Powder
·         Chili Powder
·         Coriander Powder
·         Cumin Powder
·         Schezwan Chutney/Sauce
·         Chili Sauce
·         Tomato Sauce
·         Soya Sauce
·         Ajinomoto
·         Salt to Taste
·         Oil to Fry and Cook
Note:- You may skip Ajinomoto and soya sauce in case you often experience digestion problems.

Procedure Involved
·         Heat the oil in a frying pan
·         Cut paneer into small cubes, shallow fry it and set it aside
·         Add cumin seeds in the oil and meanwhile chop onion, chili, tomato, carrot and other veggies finely
·         To start with, add the chopped onions, ginger garlic paste, green chili and tomatoes, while wait for the time onions turn the color to slightly brown
·         You have to add other veggies and fry for some time (you do not have to sauté them)
·         Next, add the shallow fried paneer and all of the spices and sauces mentioned here to stir some time
·         Add salt to taste
·         Once you find each of the ingredients cooked properly remove from the pan and serve hot in a bowl

To conclude, we should say that following a healthy diet never involves having tasteless foods, instead, it requires some skills to make the food items tasty to have without compromising on your health and healthy lifestyle.